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Old-school games? Think again!

Gaurodan is made for the people who love Kaiju flicks like Godzilla or Kong.




In this day and age when the graphical capabilities of games have taken leaps and bounds, some titles go under the radar for their retro-looking graphics despite being made in recent years.

The so-called “Retraux” game movement has taken the indie market, with the portmanteau “retro” and “faux” tagged on old games that have either been updated or made recent by fans of the “good old times.”

Here, TechnoGizmo is sharing three that may be downloaded for free from the maker’s site with a quick Google-fu using the search term “Locomalito,” the pen name of the Spaniard who made these games.

Maldita Castilla, Cursed Castille (Original)
It’s Locomalito’s most iconic creation, featuring the same feel as its inspiration, Ghouls N’ Ghosts or Ghosts N’ Goblins, whatever you’re more used to playing with.


In this game, you take on the role of the valiant Don Ramiro, going through places in Old Spain infested with demons in a quest to undo the curses that plague the land.

The difficulty levels of this game mirror the old arcade games, so it has a steep but well-rewarding learning curve if you master it. The graphics have two modes: With or without scanlines, the latter being reminiscent of the old screens that old arcade cabinets possess.

It takes time to learn and master, but the effort is more than worth it as the re-playability of this game is high considering the number of endings and the requirements to get the best one. The music used is era-accurate.

Occupying less than 60MB of space and not too much in the way of requirements, I think it’s a worthy addition and challenge to any gamer that wants to test his mettle in the old ways.
Like Joe Bob said in the last years of MonsterVision on TNT, “Four Stars! Check it out!”


Preceding the previously-mentioned game by two years, Hydorah was made a paean to the iconic side-scrolling space shooters that we’ve come to love or hate, like Gradius, Darius, and R-Type.

The gameplay is nice and tight, the controls responsive and the challenge is similar to the games that it references.

The soundtrack’s well-made and matches the build of the game overall. You’re put into the role of the nameless pilot that has set out to destroy the ancient and evil space god Hydorah and everything that stand in your way.

With a quick Google-fu using ‘Locomalito,’ here are three games to delight in.

The game has its secrets and has two endings, so the replay value has to do with finding them and the sheer challenge and the requirement to get the best one.

With less than 90MB in its initial state and the capability to change the stage BGM, I think it’s pretty good overall. Four Stars.

This game is made for the people who love Kaiju flicks like Godzilla or Kong.

Gaurodan puts you in the titular monster’s role, destroying various places and fighting governments and the whole giant-monster shebang. Only this time, you’re on a world tour while fighting other Kaijus.

Its main challenge comes from the enemy placement and knowing when to time the usage of powerups as needed. Each stage has its own set of targets and perils like jets and helicopters, and tanks and people shooting — standard Kaiju fare.

At about 40MB and around 30 minutes of playtime if you’re skilled enough, Gaurodan’s one for the collection. We give it four stars, as well.