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Circus in town

Prior to her resignation, Bensouda had maneuvered to have the ICC proceed in its investigation on the Philippines, which was timed perfectly for the political season.



Everybody, including the monkey and his uncle, expects fireworks to start flying as those harboring presidential ambitions have started to pop out, and the viciousness of the attacks against President Rodrigo Duterte is not startling.

Mr. Duterte remains the force to reckon with in the 2022 political exercise.

Minions of yellow attack dog Antonio Trillanes IV will soon be unleashed and they are three, Edgar Matobato, Arturo Lascañas and Eduardo Acierto.

Matobato and Lascañas, according to Trillanes, will provide the International Criminal Court, or ICC, with their narratives, which were already debunked in investigations in Congress and by law enforcement agencies.

Acierto is trying to establish the link between President Duterte’s economic adviser Michael Yang to the drugs trade.

Matobato and Lascañas are believed to be kept in a Trillanes safehouse abroad, while Acierto is supposedly in the custody of prelates who are in league with Trillanes and his yellow financiers.

The fact that Trillanes is running a well-funded operation against the President has been divulged by one of his pawn, the late lawyer Jude Sabio who passed away harboring a grudge on Trillanes after the putschist cut his retention money.

Sabio, of course, was the lawyer of Matobato who filed the crimes against humanity complaint with the ICC against the President and his men involved in the anti-narcotics campaign.

After publicly expressing his bitterness for Trillanes for discontinuing his monthly sustenance, Sabio withdrew the ICC complaint, but Trillanes and partner-in-crime Magdalo Rep. Gary Alejano filed a supplemental petition with the ICC.

Former ICC prosecutor Fatou Bensouda then said Sabio’s withdrawal of the original complaint had no effect on the ICC proceedings.

Similarly, Bensouda stated the withdrawal of the Philippines from the Rome Statute and the government’s non-participation in the preliminary examination have no bearing in the partisan offensive.

Matobato and Lascañas have been moving about overseas as well-paid lecturers to spread their venom about death squads and extrajudicial killings (EJK), which they alleged on Mr. Duterte when he was mayor of Davao City.

The road shows of the pair were meant to drum up the ICC filing, while then prosecutor Bensouda, a certified yellow liberal disciple, took care of business in the tribunal.

Prior to her resignation, Bensouda had maneuvered to have the ICC proceed in its investigation on the Philippines, which was timed perfectly for the political season in the run-up to the elections next year.

The ICC case is entirely based on the testimonies of Matobato and Lascañas. The EJK tales of both were, however, dismissed as fabrications in two Senate hearings.

Acierto’s story, in turn, was immediately gobbled up by foreign media, which are always on the hunt for a detrimental piece on President Duterte.

Acierto, however, has zero credibility. He was dismissed from the police force over corruption allegations.

The only pieces of evidence he had produced to back up his allegations on Yang were photos of the President and the individual he accuses in the company of those he claimed as “drug suspects.”

The Senate Blue Ribbon Committee also dismissed Acierto’s allegation against Yang during an executive session at the height of its inquiry in 2018 on the smuggling of P11 billion worth of shabu using magnetic lifters.

What was established in the hearing was that Acierto was involved in shabu smuggling and, as deputy of the defunct police Anti-Illegal Drugs Group, was implicated in the killing of South Korean Jee Ick Joo inside Camp Crame.

During the Senate probe, Jimmy Guban, a former Customs intelligence agent, tagged Acierto’s involvement in the monumental narcotics caper.

An unmistakable sign the ICC and the Senate probes are all part of a sinister package to erode the public support for President Duterte is Trillanes again hogging primetime TV.