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Rico Blanco puts signature sound on ‘Pinoy Tayo’



OPM singer Rico Blanco adds his own flavor to the Pinoy Big Brother theme song “Pinoy Ako” ahead of the reality show’s upcoming 10th edition.

The track, originally by Orange and Lemons, were added in with folk ethnic sounds using the instruments banduria and kubing. It was meaningfully renamed “Pinoy Tayo.”

“I put small elements of my songs into it. [‘Pinoy Tayo’] is a bright and upbeat song. I kept that from the original,” Blanco said at a virtual media conference held last week.

Blanco felt honored despite the inevitable pressure brought about by remaking the song. He said, “The original one is so well-loved. I’m not fixing anything at all. ‘Pinoy Tayo’ is an homage to the old version. It was a delicate balance that I enjoyed doing.”

‘PINOY Tayo’ is out now on streaming platforms.

“Pinoy Tayo” will also be part of ABS-CBN Music creative director Jonathan Manalo’s expansive 25-track album. The tribute compilation will be released in 2022 in time for his 20th anniversary in the music industry.

“This is perfect timing because this is what we need to help inspire one another despite what we are going through as a nation and individually,” Manalo said.

OPM icon Rico Blanco. (IG/RicoBlanco100)

Blanco added, “It really is an honor for me. This is the kind of help that we, as artists, can give at this difficult time. This is our contribution.”

“Pinoy Tayo” is out now on YouTube, Amazon Music,, and

The original version “Pinoy Ako” has become a statement of Pinoy pride.