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Veggie values



The slogan “vegetable is life” emphasizes the benefits of eating healthy foods. But vegetables transcend nutrition.

For 51-year-old Noel Suque, vegetables are a source of livelihood and financial sustenance. His late mother, Leoning, incredibly brought him up and his 10 other siblings by selling vegetables at a public market.

Upon her death in 2004, the legacy of Leoning’s vegetables was her well-mannered and self-sufficient children. Suque and his siblings said in an interviewed that their mother taught them to be kind and humble.

In July, her children realized their mother’s rich legacy as they finally inherited her five-hectare property in Bato, Camarines Sur. As a bonus, the land has a scenic surrounding and is near a waterfall, ideal as a resort spot.

Perhaps Leoning’s children may pay homage to her by living up to her legacy. After all, growing vegetables in the sprawling property and selling them make for sound business at a time of food insecurity due to the pandemic and with the trend in healthy living.

Meanwhile, vegetables beget temperance aside from nourishment. A petty thief recently demonstrated this rare phenomenon in a raid of a vegetable garden in Pozorrubio, Pangasinan. The owner of the plants was dumbfounded with the extent of the looting that took place in his backyard while everyone was asleep.

The intruder obviously targetted a squash fruit. But the tampered vegetable was still there with only a small portion of it sliced off.

The victim was thankful that the whole kalabasa was not taken away. There was enough left for the family to cook kalabasang okoy.

Perhaps, the victim thought the pilferer only took a quarter of the kalabasa after running short of ingredients for pinakbet that he or she was cooking.