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When they call to each other in the morning, the birdsong tells me there’s not just a couple of kinds of birds.



I have been occupied with housework these past few weeks I have not been able to indulge in my habit of listening to birdsong in the morning.

The front of our house faces south. That’s why at certain times of the year, the sun shines strongly on our windows. To alleviate the bright light and heat, eaves were installed over all windows.

The eaves did do their job a little, but they were no match to a really hot summer day. But by that time, I had already installed blinds on all the affected windows.

However, the eaves did bring about some good. It attracted all sorts of birds to our house. Most were garden variety sparrows, or mayas, but the rest I have a hard time identifying.

I know our eaves managed to attract some pigeons. I found this out when some teens stood outside our house one time and started calling to their birds. You know that mix of whistle and clapping common among those raising racing pigeons. I haven’t seen or heard those boys in ages, so I guess the pigeons have stayed away from our place.

Other than those two birds, I’ve never seen or identified the rest.

I only know that a variety of birds uses the eaves of our house as a way station of sorts. I guess they pass the night there or seek shelter when it rains or there’s a bad storm. Or maybe it’s just a really hot day and they pass the afternoon there.

I know there’s a whole bunch of them stopping by our eaves from the sounds I hear during the day. When they call to each other in the morning, the birdsong tells me there’s not just a couple of kinds of birds.

I’ve always wondered where they come from. Through the years the number of trees in our neighborhood has slowly gone down. A huge compound about 30 meters from our place used to have huge mango trees. These have since been felled when the property was bought and a 16-story condominium was constructed on it. There are still pockets of trees around our barangay where birds could build their nests in peace.

There was a time when the birds’ feathers would drift into my room, landing on my bed. For a time I thought it must have been a sign. I was then dealing with a personal issue and I had been praying for some sign. It took a while for me to realize the feathers came from our guests. Perhaps they were signs since the feathers haven’t found their way into my room for some time.

I guess I just need to wake up early enough to hear birdsong again. The house chores can wait. It will be one of the pleasures I can indulge in freely.