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Beautiful destinations make travel memorable. Adding to the memories are some airport spectacles along the way.

With the Covid-19 pandemic, airport health and security personnel are beefed up with four-legged partners for efficient service. Dogs sniffing travelers for the virus instead of baggage to detect contraband or explosives are unusual sights at the Miami International Airport in the United States.

The two Covid-19 detector dogs — a Belgian Malinois and Dutch Shepherd — smell for volatile organic compounds caused by the coronavirus in an infected individual, according to airport director Ralph Cutie. The scent manifests in the breath or sweat of a person. Tagged travelers are required to undergo a Covid test before exiting the airport.

Aside from Miami, one can regularly see Covid-19 sniffers at work in the passenger terminal checkpoints of Dubai and Helsinki airports.

There was one recent airport scene that may have given some travelers a source of unforgettable amusement.

Baggage carousels are probably the most watched section of the airport with luggage as the most anticipated thing coming out of the conveyor belt. However, a viral video of a recent incident at the Seattle airport in Washington state shows the machine rolling out a pile of meat mushed together into the shape of a cube. The frozen chicken thighs and wings apparently fell out of a container.

The Transportation Safety Authority responded to the incident by posting on Instagram a reminder to airline passengers to properly seal their cooler by taping its lid.

Another video of an airport spectacle went viral less than 24 hours from its posting on social media sites on 2 September. The video showing a blonde woman strolling at an unidentified US airport in an unusual outfit was viewed 10,000 times.

The video’s caption suggested that the traveler toting a backpack was a passenger of Spirit Airlines. However, the airline denied this. If she were, Spirit Airlines would not have allowed her to board though she was wearing a mask in compliance with health protocols.

For those who saw the unidentified woman — at the airport or online — they couldn’t be blamed if their thoughts flew when they saw her nonchalantly strolling at the terminal with just a bikini on.