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MSME must strive for digital shift

More activities have been pivoted online, such as training and trade fairs



Advanced technology such as the use of artificial intelligence in the garment industry in Cangzhou, China is needed for local MSME to survive and compete in the overseas market. / Luo Xuefeng/Xinhua

Entrepreneurs are encouraged to scale up initiatives on business continuity to build resilience and become innovative to remain viable amid a lingering pandemic.

Department of Trade and Industry (DTI)-Regional Operations Group Undersecretary Blesila Lantayona said the department has strengthened its capacity building activities and programs to develop creative, smarter and innovation-oriented micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME).

“More activities have been pivoted online, such as training and trade fairs. We have been gearing towards digitally empowered and skilled MSME,” she said.

Lantayona said the DTI, in coordination with the other agencies, has issued various policy measures and initiatives aimed at guiding these enterprises to safely continue operating their businesses, ensure unhampered movement of goods, and secure the safety of the public.

Resilience key to survival
“Resilience and business continuity planning activities and initiatives were also further promoted as more MSMEs have seen the importance of preparation during unprecedented situations, such as this pandemic,” she added.

Lantayona said lessons from the pandemic must be learned and applied to future-proof businesses, noting that short-term initiatives must be built up to long-term goals.

“To effectively implement policies, a leader must stir the direction of the constituents and their stakeholders towards policy initiatives that will have lasting impact, that will ensure until the next generation,” she said.