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Korean-Thai BL series will make your hearts bleed

Peach of Time, now airing on WeTV, is a painful love story between two male best friends falling for each other



Kritsanaphan as Peach. / PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF IG/jimmy.jimmoi

Boys’ Love (BL) series have been dominating streaming services and other platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, WeTV and Netflix. The new teen romance subgenre has gained mainstream popularity during the coronavirus pandemic, and more and more people are becoming BL fans. Screenwriters, producers and directors are still continuously creating unique stories to offer to viewers.

One of the latest BL series is Peach of Time (also known as Siganui Bogsunga), which started streaming on 30 August on WeTV. The 10-episode drama series tells about the romance between two guy best friends, Yoon-oh and Peach. It is different from other BL series because of plot twists involving life and death.

The main stars of the drama are Korean actor Choi Jae-hyun, known for Midnight Snacks and Run On, who plays Yoon-oh, a ghost who cannot leave the physical world because of deep sorrow, and Thai actor Jimmy Karn Kritsanaphan, who appeared in Why RU?, as Peach, Yoon-oh’s best friend and lover.

Peach of Time is the first Korean-Thai BL drama series, tackling the love between a ghost and a human that goes beyond death. The story features the secrets of death and then let the viewers feel the heartbreaking boundaries between one world and the other. When the series started airing, fans gave their feedback and heartwarming comments instantly online, making other BL fans curious about the series.


In the first three heartbreaking episodes, each running for 20 minutes, the scenes and the acting impressed fans around Asia, including the Philippines, even though it is not that hyped yet in the country. However, because of its unique plot, Peach of Time started to gain attention in social media platforms such as TikTok and Twitter.

Peach wants to fulfill his promise to Yoon-oh, which is, to be with him, to make him happy and to go to the beach together. However, an incident happens, resulting in Yoon-oh’s death. He becomes a ghost who cannot leave the world due to his deep sorrow for his mother. Peach was clueless as to what happened to him. After knowing what happened, Peach has a hard time accepting the fact that he’s gone. As the series progresses, the story flows smoothly with unexpected turns, setting the tone for fun and exciting but also painful scenes.

Directed by Jang Euisoon and written by Yang Joo-hyun, the series was shot in Korea, and the actors seem not affected by a language barrier, making the series very appealing to fans.

‘Peach of Time’ tells about the love between two boys that transcends death. / PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF WETV

Among the many BL series made and aired, Peach of Time stands out as it will shock the audience, make them smile and cry, and teach them great lessons about love and life. As BL content continues to evolve, Thai-Korea collaboration is growing and continues to forge new paths for global viewers.

Will love win and prevail or will death separate Peach and Yoon-oh? As fans and viewers are curious on what will happen next, Peach and Yoon-oh tell viewers that regardless of circumstances, gender and place, love is always the foundation and the bridge in getting through everything.

Peach of Time is streaming in 11 Southeast Asian countries on WeTV every Monday and Tuesday at 10 p.m. (KST).