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Go out and get vaccinated!



Some loyal Daily Tribune readers in Tagaytay City strike a pose when the Balak Hatak Van caught them by the side of street. / PHOTOGRAPHS BY YUMMIE DINGDING, AL PADILLA AND JOEY SANCHEZ MENDEZ FOR THE DAILY TRIBUNE @tribunephl_yumi @tribunephl_al @tribunephl_joey

The Covid-19 pandemic has upended the lives of all people across the globe. And with the virus constantly mutating from its various hosts, new variants are expected to emerge that will be more transmissible and capable of lessening the efficacy of available vaccines.

The latest Delta variant, first detected in India in December 2020, is now the most dominant variant globally, the Philippines not excluded. It is more contagious than all previous strains, and it is also causing severe cases that are threatening to overwhelm the country’s health care system.

Photo Caption; The Daily Tribune and RJFM Radio the Bakuna info campaign goes to Maitim Second East Tagaytay. We visit the house of Ms teodora M. Relasyo she married at the age 61 yrs old. They joint to tiktok vaccnination jingle songs with her family infront of of Angels Hills Foundation Inc., at the Holy Spirit Tagaytay City. ( AL PADILLA )

The Daily Tribune (DT) and RJ-FM Radio Bakuna are working with concerned government agencies and like-minded groups to promote facts over fear, bringing reliable guidance to ordinary individuals, like vendors, drivers, parents, educators, police officers and even frontline responders, to make sure the public has accurate information and resources to keep them informed about the virus.

Hailing from Calamba, Laguna, Zara Mae and Danilo Dapitan, scheduled to wed this October, joined Daily Tribune’s TikTok challenge with their cute dance.

Since last month, the DT Balak Hatak Van has been touring Metro Manila and nearby provinces to promote vaccination. We even introduced the Paturok TikTok Challenge to encourage the public to get vaccinated while having some fun, and even get the chance to win exciting prizes!

Residents of Brgy. 420 in Manila joins in the Bakuna Challenge. photo by Yummie Dingding

We went around the metro and captured versions of the Paturok TikTok Challenge in the past few days using Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 10S. When it comes to specs among gadgets in its price range, Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 10S is bringing its A-game to the table.

Featuring a 64MP primary camera, 2MP macro camera, and 2MP depth sensor, the Redmi Note 10S offers quality images from various angles. In contrast, the 8MP ultra-wide sensor with a 118-degree field of view allows users to capture group photos and landscape shots easily.