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September signals the start of the holiday season in the country. Soon, Christmas will be upon us with Yuletide carols playing and lights glittering on trees around our neighborhood.

What do all these symbols mean to us as we grapple through the pandemic with Covid cases rising daily? This is a sad reality. The truth is, we have only ourselves to ensure that we are safe and protected from highly communicable Delta and Lambda variants.

So, what do we do while being comforted by the Christmas carols with messages of hope, love, joy and kindness? Kindness is a virtue we need to uphold and practice during these trying times. To mind our own business, we need to be kind to ourselves first and the rest follows.

We observe that when we are kind, we are able to heal the hurts inflicted upon others, replaced with gentle compassion and love.

Let us not lose hope amid the fear around us. Instead, let us choose to be kind. Let us surround our lives with kindness by spreading the gospel of kindness. Kindness will never run out. It fills up the well of humankind every time we spread it. Kindness is action — giving, sharing, making people laugh even if we ourselves are in turmoil.

IN this time of uncertainty, kindness matters. / PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF UNSPLASH/PRISCILLA DU PREEZ

Let us see kindness among each of us — in nature, in people, in God’s blessings and graces, in the food we share, in stories we tell, in songs we sing, in the poetry that we recite and in the laughter that we spread.

Allow me to share with you a story forever etched in my heart. When I was a little girl, my mother, who I adored, taught me one word
— kindness. From then on, I have always been blessed. She shared with me her kindness by her actions, not by words. She would visit a sick student at home to check on her condition. She would send piping hot tinola to an ailing grandmother being cared for by her student. She would advise students who were arguing to settle their differences and she would not leave them until she saw them shake hands and hug each other.

Her acts of kindness were simple and basic, but they tugged the hearts of people she touched because they felt her genuine affection and concern. Honest truths that only kindness can bring about.

My beloved mother Rosario, “Charing “ to everyone in Boac, Marinduque, was a well-known teacher. Everyone remembers her fondly as the epitome of beauty, grace, elegance , gentleness and kindness. They would stop on the street just to share with me their stories of kindness that my mother inspired.


I can only imagine how many students she inspired and influenced with her good example. And her memory lives on .

This is the happiest Christmas story I can share with everyone — how we are enriched and transformed by one act of kindness like a candle that lights up a darkened room.

Let us treat everyone with respect and kindness. Let us be inclusive and not judge people by their outward appearance. Let us blanket each other in kindness. When we do this, the ripples of kindness widen until it reaches the depths of the world and we shall all be immersed in kindness. What a beautiful Christmas gift we can share with each other, especially today. A blessed Christmas filled with kindness starting this September!