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Edward clutches for Blacklist to beat Omega Esports



Blacklist International remains unbeaten in MPL Season 8 following a three-game thriller over Omega Esports on Week 2 Day 2 of the tournament this Saturday evening.

Blacklist and Omega went back and forth in the opening game but it was the latter that got the better of the exchanges earning them the first point. Blacklist came back the following game then picked X.Borg, Paquito, Kagura, Beatrix, and Diggie for Game 3.

It was a closely contested series with both teams getting even on kills throughout the match thanks to Omega’s Kaja making good use of his Divine Judgment backed by Natan, Popol and Kupa, Phoveus, and Benedetta.

But with three turtles to their name, Blacklist was able to take the lead on gold most of the fight, but by the 18:00 mark, Omega was able to pop 8 turrets while Blacklist took 6.

Omega pushed with the lord that left Blacklist with just one turret on the bottom. And just when Omega went for a winning push, Edward was able to penetrate the backline with his Paquito to put a stop to the relentless pressure.

Blacklist then retaliated with a counter push, wiping out the entire Omega roster in the process en route to winning the match. Edward’s clutch kills were key in winning the match, ending the series with a 6-2-2 KDA.