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Robredo: Be a hero by getting inoculated



Vice President Leni Robredo on Monday urged the public to be a hero by getting vaccinated against Covid-19 and complying with health protocols.

“In times like this, heroism is serving in the medical profession, getting vaccinated, following health protocols, sharing the truth and resisting lies, and helping others to the best of your abilities,” Robredo said in her National Heroes’ Day message.

“Our acts need not to be flashy; each step, no matter how small, is a form of heroism, as long as it is for others,” she added.

The vice president also paid tribute to those unnamed heroes who sacrificed their lives for the country.

“Their names may not have been etched in history, but their dreams and hardships live with us. One country that is safer, freer, and more humane,” she said.

Robredo added that heroism can be found within ourselves, in small ways such as being open-minded, truthful and honest and by putting others first instead of your own interest.

She also added that every Filipino can be heroes in their own way noting that “heroism can be found beyond the gallows or the battlefield.”

“At home, in school, in the office, or in our communities, we are called to be heroes — in every opportunity, in our own ways. History has been our witness: We are a breed of heroes,” she said.


New breed of heroes

Likewise, Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana called on Filipinos to become heroes in their own right by adhering to the health protocols and supporting the government’s vaccination campaign in battling the pandemic.

“In the middle of challenges brought by the pandemic, may the heroes of the past and present day inspire us to do our duty, and cooperate for the benefit of the country,” Lorenzana said.

“As the nation commemorates this year’s National Heroes Day, the DND pays tribute to the heroes of our history who offered their lives and sacrificed for our country. Despite the odds, our forebears fought side-by-side against the Spaniards, the Americans and the Japanese to defend our nation,” he added.

Meanwhile, vaccine czar Secretary Carlito Galvez Jr., lauded the country’s modern heroes who emerged when Covid-19 pandemic broke last year.

“They are the men and women who have risked life and limb every day to serve and protect our countrymen from the deadly virus,” Galvez said.

“These are the doctors, nurses, soldiers, police officers, local government and barangay workers, riders, fast food service crew, and many other private sector and civil servants, who despite threats to their health and safety, bravely carry out their duties,” he added.