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Glenn Mico A.Yeung: First Daily Tribune scholar to graduate



GLENN Mico Yeung got depressed but he didn’t let this stop his dreams.

Glenn Mico A. Yeung admitted that he wasn’t a good student.

Glenn, as he was called at the time, was getting low grades. He thought his teachers didn’t like him. He was always accused of causing chaos in the classroom.

Yeung considered himself a happy-go-lucky kid, but hiding behind that persona was a sad and struggling child.

College came around and after being talked down to when his cousins went on stage to receive awards while he watched from the sidelines, he decided he wanted a fresh start.

He wanted to clean his act and chase his dreams so that his parents would be proud of him.

“I wanted to be wanted. I wanted to be noticed and appreciated. I want to win in life,” he said.

So he introduced himself as Mico and took up BS Hotel and Restaurant Management at the University of Santo Tomas.

His daily struggles going to school did not stop him from joining a lot of organizations and attaining many recognitions.

MICO wanted a fresh start so he worked hard as a student leader and athlete. / PHOTOGRAPHS COURTESY OF GLENN MICO YEUNG

He was part of the UST Men’s Volleyball team, the College of Tourism and Hospitality Management (CTHM) Volleyball team.

He also joined the CTHM Student Council and the Hotel and Restaurant Management Society as a staffer.

It was in the same year that his father was diagnosed with a heart condition that led to losing his job. Mico had to give up his place in the university’s volleyball team, causing him to lose the scholarship it offered.

Mico got depressed but he didn’t not let this stop him from achieving his dreams.

“It was faith,” he recalled. “When I got depressed because of my father’s condition, I had to seek help. I went to San Roque church and met Bro. Raul. He endorsed me to Ms. Evangeline Timbang.

During that time, Ms. Bettina (Chingbee Fernandez) was also looking for a scholar.” It was faith, indeed, with a dose of fate.

Glenn Mico A.Yeung is the first Daily Tribune scholar to graduate.

He was always picked last. This time around, regardless if he is Glenn or Mico, he was picked first — graduating with Latin honors and having the titles student athlete and student leader to his name.

Hi KaTribu family congratulates Daily Tribune’s first graduate!