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PNP’s COVID deaths inch closer to 100



The National Police on Wednesday announced that it has already tallied 98 deaths due to COVID-19 among its personnel.

Data released by the PNP showed that the 97th fatality was an intelligence operative assigned in Metro Manila.

He was admitted to a hospital on 14 August, but was pronounced dead on arrival by his attending physician. A post-mortem examination and swab test were conducted which yielded a positive result.

That lawman was fully-vaccinated on 14 July, the PNP said.

It was learned that he was the first fully-vaccinated lawman to have succumbed to COVID-19.

Records from the PNP Administrative Support for COVID-19 Task Force (ASCOTF) showed that five other vaccinated policemen had died, but only received their first dose.

That data also showed that 90 percent of all fatalities were not vaccinated.

Meanwhile, the 98th fatality was a 31-year-old female investigator assigned in General Santos City and was pregnant.

She was admitted to the hospital due to shortness of breath on 5 August and underwent an emergency cesarean section operation on 10 August.

Her baby was successfully delivered, but she tested positive on 13 August and her condition worsened. She was transferred to a nearby hospital but she succumbed to acute respiratory failure, the PNP said.

In line with these developments, the PNP announced that some 83,324 personnel or 37.5 percent of the force have been fully vaccinated, as of Wednesday.

A total of 97,363 personnel or 43.82 percent of the force are awaiting the second dose to complete the inoculation.

Some 41,482 personnel or 18.47 percent have yet to receive any vaccine.

Meanwhile, a continuing survey of the PNP showed that 184,403 personnel are willing to be vaccinated, some 33,166 are willing if they are allowed to choose vaccine brands, and 3,645 are still not willing to be vaccinated.

The survey covered 221,214 of the PNP’s entire strength of 222,169, leaving only 955 not yet surveyed.