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LOOK: Blacklist International and OhMYV33NUS release respective statements over Kelra’s homophobic remarks



MPL Season 7 champion Blacklist International has finally released a statement surrounding Grant Duane “Kelra” Pillas’ recent homophobic and sexist remarks he made during a livestream.

The MPL Season 7 runner-up and MSC 2021 champion from Omega Esports was heard on stream saying, “Wise and Veenus b***j*b each other” and “I want Ramella k*n**t*n.”

“What happened was disappointing, but we do acknowledge that this goes beyond this issue alone. Words are not just words—they matter. Words affect people regardless of gender preference or sexual orientation,” said Blacklist in a statement.

“We recognize that for us to move forward as an industry, we have to unlearn some deep-rooted behaviors and habits in the gaming culture that foster an unsafe environment for anyone.”

Johnmar “OhMyv33NUS” Villaluna, a known member of the LGBT community, advocated for equality and respect in his statement.

“I believe that this issue should be addressed correspondingly because this is one of the reasons why I am here for – Equality and Respect for all,” he wrote on Facebook.

“Let’s all have a sense of responsibility to whatever we do because everything has its own consequences. And as a member of LGBTQIA+ and a professional player, I will continue to be an inspiration to fight and uphold my advocacies.”

In the end, Kelra got away with many people felt like a slap in the wrist as the MPL PH Committee decided to suspend him for 14 days and fined him for an undisclosed amount.