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Jabs for health



Who would have thought that the jab of a needle would save all of us from perdition? The discovery of vaccines against the coronavirus disease has been hailed as the best solution so far to contain the pandemic and restore a state of normalcy worldwide.

After medical frontliners, senior citizens have been prioritized to receive the anti-Covid-19 vaccine for they are most vulnerable for infection.

While the process is fairly simple — the needle is thrusted quickly into a fleshy part of the body, usually the upper arm — getting people to be inoculated for the anti-virus has been the problem. Due to the vaccine’s newness, many fear its side effects more than its benefit to one’s body.

After medical frontliners, persons with comorbidities have been prioritized to receive the anti-Covid-19 vaccine for they are most vulnerable for infection.

To counter vaccine skepticism, both public and private organizations have started campaigns to convince people to get inoculated. The Daily Tribune, for one, has partnered with rock ’n roll legend RJ Jacinto to bring his catchy “Bakuna” jingle around neighborhoods in Metro Manila to send the message to go to vaccination centers to get their shot. Response to the Daily Tribune ‘jingle mobile” has been rousing based on feedback from field reports.

The Daily Tribune’s ‘jingle mobile’ brings RJ Jacinto’s ‘Bakuna’ ditty around neighborhoods in Metro Manila to encourage people to get themselves vaccinated.

Now that the public’s interest in the anti-Covid-19 serum has been awakened, the availability of vaccines is constantly being addressed as supplies are being flown in from abroad. With steady delivery assured, local government units can intensify their inoculation campaigns, addressing the continuing spread of the coronavirus, particularly the virulent Delta variant.

While the original deadline for herd immunity has been moved to reflect the reality of vaccine supplies, so long as the public’s interest to get their shots continues, the entire Philippines will eventually kick the virus and we can pick up our lives from where we left off before the pandemic.