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On the beat

Here’s the thing. When you are a writer or reporter, it really feels good to see your name on the front page of your newspaper.



Of course, you can’t forget anything that made your heart beat a little faster and made you panic, the type of thing that made you hope to have super powers and the ability to teleport, so that you can almost fly to the place you have to go just to get there.

I joined the Daily Tribune on 27 January 2021, and so far, this has been the most unforgettable story I’ve written.

On 1 March 2021, vaccine donations from China were first delivered to major hospitals in Metro Manila. That, of course, was a big story.

One of the hospitals where the vaccines were sent was the Dr. Jose N. Rodriguez Memorial Hospital and Sanitarium in St. Joseph, Barangay 187 in Tala, Caloocan City.

Caloocan is one of the cities assigned to my beat, aside from Malabon, Navotas and Valenzuela. That’s why I was in a hurry to get there.

You see, the night before, I thought someone else was covering the event. So, that morning, I took care of other cities on my beat.

While I was busy going around my beat, our editorial assistant Larry Payawal called and asked if I was already at the hospital. It was only then did I find out that no one was in the area to cover the first ever vaccination in the city, and that no one could go.

So, I almost flew driving my motorcycle just to get there. One of my tires was even pierced by a nail, and I was running flat. However, I couldn’t stop because I was already very late.

When I arrived at the event, I was somehow able to take pictures and videos of it.

However, I was already thinking that my material might no longer be used because I sent it late by email.

I was surprised the next day that what I wrote was included in the banner story, “Execs volunteer, boost vax trust,” on the 2 March 2021 issue of Daily Tribune. I almost jumped in excitement and bought a copy of our newspaper. It was my first banner story. That’s why, honestly, I couldn’t believe my efforts were appreciated.

Am I shallow? No! I don’t think so. Here’s the thing. When you are a writer or reporter, it really feels good to see your name on the front page of your newspaper. Things like these are so inspiring, fulfilling and makes w persevere to do more.

That’s when I realized that if I hadn’t flown to the event even when my tires were running flat, if I had stopped, if I had lost hope that I would reach my destination on time, if I hadn’t even tried, I wouldn’t have been included in the next day’s banner story.

Lesson learned? Try and try until you succeed! You will never be successful in life or in anything if you are a coward and will not give it a try.

Happy anniversary, Daily Tribune, more and more decades to come. God bless us all.