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Wage hike for CES members pushed



Photo credit: PNA

Davao City 1st District Representative Paolo Duterte and Benguet caretaker/ACT-CIS Representative Eric Go Yap authored a bill that would grant Career Executive Service (CES) members increased salaries, special allowances, retirement benefits and additional privileges in recognition of their role in effectively upholding, pursuing, and maintaining good governance and accountability in public service.

Under the House Bill No. 9962, an individual who meets such managerial experience and other requirements and passes such examinations as may be prescribed by the Career Executive Service Board (CESB) shall be included in the register of career service eligible and, upon appointment by the President to an appropriate rank, shall become an active member of the CES.

The lawmakers explained that a well-functioning government is crucial amid the pandemic to efficiently serve the immediate needs of its constituents and to proactively provide long-term solutions to the effects of Covid-19.

In addition to their standard operations, government agencies vigorously formulate and implement new policies in order to continue its public service to the Filipino people under the ‘new normal.’

They also said that at the top of many government programs and projects are the CES professionals who comprise the “third level” or managerial class of workers in the government service.

CES was created through Presidential Decree No. 1 to “form a continuing pool of well-selected and development-oriented career administrators who shall provide competent and faithful service,” the two lawmakers stressed.

This include the Undersecretary, Assistant Secretary, Bureau Director ̧ Assistant Bureau Director, Regional Director, Assistant Regional Director, Chief of Department Service and other officers of equivalent rank as may be identified by the Career Service Executive Board (CESB), all of whom are appointed by the President.

“In appreciation of their hard work and noteworthy contributions to the nation, it is only appropriate to give CES members due recognition by granting them competitive salary, equitable special allowances, retirement benefits, and privileges commensurate with their respective ranks,” the lawmakers said.

HB 9962 also states that incumbent of a CES position, those who does not possess the appropriate qualification shall undergo the CES eligibility process prescribed by the CESB, within one year from appointment to qualify for the CES position and avail of the benefits provided under the Act.