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Pandemic or no pandemic, Filipino chefs are among the most talented and hardworking culinary professionals in the world. They always come up with something new and delightful to share with foodies. It is their quest to make people happy through their food. Here, three chefs — Adoree Chong-Uy, Dexter Gokioco and Gene Cordova — present their new offerings.

Chef Adoree Chong-Uy’s bacon jam
Bacon jam. Yes, bacon jam. While we have become most acquainted with sweet jams, jellies and preserves, savory jams do exist, and they can be so good. Bacon jam happens to be the perfect representation of savory jams. After all, anything tastes better with bacon.

Chef Adoree Chong-Uy got her first taste of bacon jam in a party, where it was served side by side with the cheeses. There, she put a dollop of bacon jam on a crostini, took a bite, and fell in love with it.

Adore Artisan Spreads’ bacon jam.

“I enjoyed the playful contrast between the crostini and the bacon jam so much so that it got my creative juices flowing. I wanted to make some for my family to try,” says chef Adoree.

And so she did. It took her two months to perfect the recipe and to find a supplier of the perfect bacon for the jam. The lockdown made it a challenge to do so, but she eventually found the bacon she was looking for. From there, it was another two months of testing the shelf life of the product. Having done that, she confidently began selling her bacon jam under her own Adore Artisan Spreads brand during Christmas of 2020.

The preservative-free bacon jam comes in two sizes: 220 grams for P600, and 110 grams for P350. With a shelf life of six weeks when refrigerated, the jam is best eaten when warmed a little. For orders, message Instagram account @adore.artisan.spreads, giving a lead time of three days. Shipping is through third-party courier to be arranged by the customer.

Chef Gene Cordova’s strawberry butter cake
Here’s a new addition to BB³C’s roster of best-selling cakes personally crafted by chef Gene Cordova: Strawberry butter cake. It comes at the heels of other newly introduced cakes that have successfully crossed over to the Best-sellers Menu of BB³C, which started as a virtual bakeshop in December 2020 and now has a physical store that just soft-opened last Saturday, 31 July, in Makati City.

Best strawberry butter cake.

Other best-sellers include its two initial offerings, Best Brazo Cake and Best Orange Butter Cake. The latter eventually evolved into other flavor variants, such as ube butter cake, Belgian chocolate cake, and this strawberry butter cake, which is a very unconventional strawberry cake. First introduced for Mother’s Day 2021, the strawberry butter cake has since become a certified best-seller.

Unlike other strawberry cakes, where fresh strawberries are highlighted on the cake, BB³C’s strawberry butter cake shows none. The fresh strawberries are all in the cake, in the buttercream icing that embraces it, and in the strawberry macarons garnishing it. Adding another dimension of flavor to the cake is the bed of Belgian chocolate custard on top, where the duo of strawberry macarons sit snugly with hand-torn pieces of luxurious edible gold leaf for that ultimate decadent look and feel.

White Flower Tea House’s chicken macau.

For orders, call 0906-5400522 or 0920-9385645 or through BB³C’s Facebook (Best Brazo Cake) and Instagram (@best_brazo_cake) accounts. Delivery via Lalamove may be arranged.

Chef Decker Gokioco’s chicken macau
Count on chef Decker Gokioco to provide you with the Chinese comfort food of your childhood but with a contemporary twist on them. Take lechon macau, one of his best-sellers at White Flower Tea House at The Grid Food Market, Power Plant Mall, Rockwell Center, Makati. It’s a classic Chinese gourmet treat which everyone loves for its crunch and flavor. It’s on the White Flower menu, of course, but chef Decker takes it a notch higher by offering a chicken variant, too, which he calls chicken macau, for non-pork eaters. It goes through the same process as lechon macau.

“Understanding how to make chicken skin light and crispy, we one day said, why don’t we try it on chicken? And so we did, curing it like lechon macau. It took us about a month or so to test for the right curing so that we could serve it with the meat still juicy and the skin crispy,” explains chef Decker.

White Flower Tea House Shrimp Popsicle.

Chicken macau comes in three forms — Chicken Macau with rice (good for one, at one piece per order, for P280), Chicken Macau ala carte (good for two to three, at two pieces per order, for P385), and Chicken Macau tray (good for three to four, at four pieces per order, for P745), all accompanied by White Flower’s signature sauce.

Also a big crowd-drawer at White Flower is the Shrimp Popsicle (one piece per order, for P155), which is the restaurant’s version of Shrimp Balls, in the shape of a popsicle. It comes with sweet and sour sauce.

Both are available for delivery. To order, visit The Grid’s website,, go to Stall 9, and select the food you want, just like in a regular restaurant. No lead time needed. The Grid has in-house riders to handle delivery, but customers may book their own riders to pick up their orders.