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Talisay prepares Delta variant defense



Preparations are underway in Talisay City, Cebu to fight the spread of the more contagious Covid-19 Delta variant.

Talisay City Mayor Samsam Gullas Jr. has prepared several contingencies in battling the more contagious Covid-19 Delta variant, including an aggressive vaccination rollout and massive information dissemination versus a more lethal enemy — fake news.

Guesting in today’s edition of the Network Briefing News hosted by Presidential Communications Operations Office Martin Andanar, Gullas admitted his biggest enemies are fake news and not the virus itself.

“There’s a lot of fake news on social media as far as the efficacy and the safety of the vaccine,” the mayor said. “So what we did is, we conducted town hall meetings with the barangay officials and members of the Department of Health (DoH) and the Department of Interior and Local Government to explain to our people the truth about the vaccine. Second, I met with all the senior citizens to assure them that the vaccine is safe.”

The meetings, he said, eliminated the public’s hesitancy about the vaccine. The public consultations helped in allowing his constituents to understand better the necessity to vaccinate.

According to Gullas, the senior citizens were the most reluctant sector to get vaccinated as they voiced their concern over the side effects, including the possibility of getting hospitalized after getting their shots.

But Gullas and the members of DoH assured them the benefits of the anti-Covid shot far outweigh the pandemic risk.

For a more sustainable approach versus the virus and its impact on the economy, the mayor has initiated backyard farming in his locality by encouraging Talisay residents to grow their food.

“There’s a program that the provincial government is doing which encourages backyard gardening where people are made to plant in their backyard to have food security,” he said.