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Persons faking medical papers warned



BAGUIO CITY — Baguio City Mayor Benjamin Magalong has warned people presenting fake medical documents in order to be vaccinated that they will face appropriate charges.

Last 25 June, some 100 fraudulent medical certificates were confiscated from persons passing themselves off as belonging to the A3 priority group or persons with comorbidities to get vaccinated in one of the city’s vaccination sites.

According to Magalong, some of the documents were obviously hastily produced using plain bond paper instead of the usual doctor’s stationery.

“When interviewed, the bearers do not even know the name of their doctors or the medicines they are supposed to be taking,” Magalong said.

The mayor stressed the city has stop this act before it becomes a practice to the disadvantage of the priority groups identified by the national government in the vaccination line-up. He urged vaccinators to be stricter in scrutinizing the documents being presented even as he advised residents not to resort to lies and frauds to get the shots.

“Please be more patient in waiting for our turn. We want everyone to get their jabs and be protected but we have to wait a little more. There will be enough vaccines arriving for all,” Magalong appealed.

Earlier, the mayor also warned persons using fake vaccination cards or passports in any transactions including gaining entry to the city after online posts openly selling fake vaccination cards circulated nationwide.

“The use of fake documents is prohibited and punishable under the law particularly Art. 172 — Falsification by private individuals and use of falsified documents, Art. 174 — False Medical Certificates, false certification of merits or service, etc. and Art. 175 — Use of false certificates,” he said.