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3 recovered, 2 died from delta variant in Mandaue City



Mayor Jonas Cortes of Mandaue City revealed that the three individuals reported to be infected by Delta variant of Covid-19 in the city have already recovered.

“Here in Mandaue we are confident of our declaration of recovery because we have a process to follow. We are not simply following the 10-day quarantine and we incorporated a rapid testing because if it’s only the 10-day quarantine, then there is a possibility of it being infectious because of genome sequencing. That is three weeks. If he is an IGM we will extend the quarantine until such time that he can show IGG,” Cortes told DAILY TRIBUNE.

Lawyer Julius Ceasar Entise, the city’s Contract Tracing Team, said two of the three patients were siblings, female, aged 23 and 26 years old.

The other patient was a 34 year old male. They were all symptomatic.

Meanwhile, acting Cebu City Mayor Michael Rama refused to identify the barangays where six Delta variant cases have been reported.

He told DAILY TRIBUNE that the six patients and their families are now being monitored.

On the other hand, Cordova Mayor Therese Sitoy-Cho identified that two Delta variant cases are residents of sitio Bliss in barangay Ibabao, Cordova.

They are both males. A news report from GMA Manila said that the two passed away.

As of this writing, Cho has not confirmed nor denied the report.