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Unity needed against pandemic, says Go

I encourage everyone to stay vigilant by practicing the necessary health and safety protocols so you can protect yourselves and our communities.



Senator Christopher “Bong” Go on Sunday urged his fellow workers in government not to allow the politics of division to detract them from the main goal of overcoming the present health crisis, saying “we are duty-bound as public servants to work together and come up with solutions to the problems facing the country.”

In his weekly column “GOing Forward,” Go said the recent discovery of local cases of Covid-19 Delta variant should serve as a wake-up call “for us to keep our focus on and share equal responsibility in the handling of this crisis.”

“Following the announcement from the Department of Health, I issued an appeal to the concerned authorities to reinforce the country’s response efforts and urged the Philippine Coast Guard to boost its maritime patrols, particularly in the backdoor entries in Mindanao,” Go said.

After Indonesia overtook India to become the new epicenter of the pandemic in Asia, Go revealed that the government quickly restricted the entry of visitors from neighboring countries. The restrictions took effect on 16 July until 31 July and shall apply to all individuals traveling from or have recently visited the said country.

“In the meantime, I encourage everyone to stay vigilant by practicing the necessary health and safety protocols so you can protect yourselves and our communities,” he urged.

The proper use of standard masks alone, he averred, reduces the risk of contracting and spreading the virus. Coupled with the wearing of face shields and following social distancing, they reduce the risk further, according to Go.

“But more importantly, vaccination is key towards our return to normalcy,” he hastened to add.

The former presidential aide noted that it has been over a year since the pandemic disrupted life as we knew it.

“I understand that many continue to struggle or are frustrated with the restrictions currently being imposed. But rather than resisting these changes, I hope we embrace and use them as opportunities to develop ourselves as individuals and as one nation. Let us continue to adapt to the changing times as we strive to lead our country to an even better future and a more comfortable life for all Filipinos,” he said.

It is critical, Go said, “that we support their efforts by doing our individual and collective parts so we can help contain the further spread of the virus while protecting our people through our vaccination efforts and intensified response to the threats caused by the pandemic.”