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Valenzuela opens new sports park

We want to put emphasis that Valenzuela is more than just factories. It has opens paces and areas where families can go and gather



As part of an effort to revive its old town area, the Valenzuela City local government yesterday opened a new sports park, part of the activities for local hero Dr. Pio Valenzuela’s birth anniversary.

The 5,000-square-meter Valenzuela City Sports Park located at Barangay Wawang Pulo has an obstacle course, an amphitheater, a kids’ playground and an outdoor gym.
The first open-air sports park in the city, it is designed not only for athletes, but also for those who want to enjoy the open, green space the city has to offer.

With health protocols still in place, Valenzuela City continues to invest in the development of its public parks as an essential infrastructure that will eventually be very beneficial now that open areas are preferred over enclosed indoor spaces due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

While parks are still closed to observe the quarantine restrictions in the metro, Valenzuela Mayor Rex Gatchalian stays true to the city’s livability initiatives he has carried out under his leadership,

“In the near future, the pandemic will end. We will be able to enjoy our green spaces and parks again. Livable city developments will continue while we wait for the day this pandemic will end,” Gatchalian said.

The construction of Valenzuela City Sports Park is funded by the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) through “Green, Green, Green,” a public open spaces assistance program, which is a counterpart of the “Build, Build, Build” infrastructure development program of the national government.

“This sports park was built so that Valenzuela City is known not just to be made of concrete and cement, but also has green spaces. We want to put emphasis that Valenzuela is more than just factories. It has opens paces and areas where families can go and gather,” he added.

The sports park stands on the old public plaza or oval of Barangay Wawang Pulo near its 3S Center and the Wawang Pulo Elementary and National High School.

It used to be called the Wawang Pulo Elementary Track and Field, fondly remembered by locals as an open piece of land that is a go-to place for outdoor activities and promenades.

As the sports park is specialized for Obstacle Course Racing (OCR), the city government signed a Memorandum of Agreement with Pilipinas Obstacle Sports Federation Inc. (POSF) to ensure the successful implementation and delivery of the local government’s Youth OCR Program.

The POSF will be providing OCR training, facilities and events, while the city government is responsible for the introduction of OCR to public schools through the Department of Education, organizing and supporting inclusive OCR activities for kids, youth and students from the special education curriculum and funding of the program.

Apart from Valenzuela City Sports Park, Gatchalian also said a new park will welcome Valenzuelanos in Barangay Arkong Bato, which will be built together with its newest Disiplina Village to be called Disiplina Village Arkong Bato.