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Pacquiao’s new executive committee powerless in disciplining PDP-Laban officers



The new committee formed by Senator Manny Pacquiao has no authority nor power to expel any national officers of the ruling PDP-Laban party, a high-ranking official said on Monday.

“They (Pacquiao’s camp) have no authority to discipline any member. According to our bylaws, a member can only be disciplined by the chapter where one belongs to. Meanwhile, only the National Council can discipline the national officers, not the committee built by Sen. Pacquiao,” PDP-Laban acting Secretary-General Melvin Matibag said in an interview with Daily Tribune’s “Gising Na!”


“The resolutions were questionable because only six members signed them, just like Sen. Pacquiao, who’s a party president in an acting (capacity),” he added.

It was last Friday, 9 July, when the so-called National Executive Committee (NEC), which Pacquiao — the ruling administration party’s acting president — formed had allegedly filed resolutions to expel party vice-chairman and Energy Secretary Alfonso Cusi, Matibag, and Membership Committee Head Astra Naik for allegedly “showing allegiance” to other political parties.

In a press statement released by PDP-Laban Executive Director Ron Munsayac, it was stated that NEC is supposedly composed of officers belonging to the “highest administrative and executive body” of the party. These officials were not named, however.

“What they (Pacquaio’s camp) was below the belt. First of all, we did not receive any notice. The media was the first to receive it. We only saw them on Facebook,” Matibag said.

“From my perspective, what they did had no legal basis. The majority was disappointed with what they have done,” he added.

Members will ultimately decide who will lead the party and its direction on 16 and 17 July, the official noted.

Matibag reiterated that Cusi had been appointed by President Rodrigo Duterte, the party’s chairman, to take measures on his behalf.

“The President designated Sec. Cusi with a written authority and this has been discussed in a meeting. Our party allows this,” he said.

PDP-Laban will hold its National Assembly on 17 July in Pasay City. All party members are expected to join the event to discuss the direction the party wanted to pursue.

Here, members can also select the party’s national officers and replace those in acting positions, like Pacquiao.

“There will be an election. It’s like a boxing fight. There will be winners and losers,” Matibag said.

Moreover, the official also dismissed claims that there are party members who are having “secret” allegiance with another party.

“We only wanted President Duterte to run as vice president and choose his running mate. That’s what our resolution is all about. That’s clear and consistent. There’s no secret (allegiance),” Matibag said.

He added that Mr. Duterte asked them to make everything “legal.”

“We make sure that whatever we do is in line with the bylaws of PDP-Laban under the leadership of Sec. Cusi,” he noted.