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Leisure estates for the millennial lifestyle



photographs courtesy of landco CALATAGAN Southen Beach offers quality residences by the seafront.

The pandemic enlightened individuals, particularly millennials, that working isn’t exclusively done in office spaces. With more employers diving into the hybrid work setup, the concept of getting the job done with picturesque views emerged.

Driven by the vision to elevate remote work into the resort-like lifestyle, Philippine real estate developer Landco, pioneers master-planned developments called Leisure Tourism Estates (LTE) that offer mixed-use residential and commercial lots in tourist destinations.

Both located in Batangas, Landco’s inaugural LTEs Club Laiya and Calatagan South Beach (CaSoBe) are accessible within two to three-hour drive from Metro Manila. Without compromising easy access to big-city facilities, both offer top-notch beach life.

Chill resort

The 24-hectare Club Laiya and 15-hectare CaSoBe are dubbed “millennial resorts” because these not only feature resort-like amenities but also hip co-working spaces such as the Colony and capsule accommodations, Cocoons.

Additionally, the two LTE keep up with the times as both spotlight wide-open spaces, beautiful promenades abundant with parks and retail landscapes that became a huge driver for millennials in purchasing property amid the pandemic. And proving further that it suits the millennial lifestyle just right, every transaction within the property is accessible through a digital app called MILLI.

LEISURE Tourism Estates (LTE) offer resort-like living without compromising productivity.

Propelling investments

Complementing Landco’s vision to provide renewed personal development to its residents is its the mission to invite investors and contribute to quality tourism that will provide local livelihoods.

During the exclusive preview of the LTE, Landco president and CEO Erickson Manzano said: “Investors have the flexibility to own premium properties that can serve as residential homes either as a dream beach house or second home, or commercial structure for a resort business, or a blend of both in the thriving destination of Batangas. Through these projects, Landco helps promote Philippine tourism and jumpstart local businesses.”

Proving that Casa Laiya and CaSoBe are quality investment hubs, both juggle its pursuit into becoming Edge and LEED-certified and its ecological conservation initiatives.

THE 14-hectare Club Laiya boasts the resort lifestyle while catering to remote work.

Ticking the boxes of permanent getaway without sacrificing convenience and economic advantages, LTE have emerged for the millennial and future generations’ way of life.