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PharmaServ vaccine storage, handling impresses Israeli health experts



The three-man team from the Israeli Ministry of Health who recently arrived in the country to share their experiences and expertise on how they battled the coronavirus disease praised the cold storage facility tapped by the government to handle and store the vaccines.

PharmaServ Express, the cold-chain facility responsible in taking care of Covid-19 jabs received by the country, during the inspection of Israeli health experts, composed of Adam Segal, logistics and operations manager of Salomon Levid and Elsein Ltd; Dafna Segol, consultant of Healthcare Policy and innovation; and Avi Ben Zaken, deputy director-general of the Ichilov Medical Center, was given a tap on the back for its excellent facilitation of the Covid-19 vaccines assigned to them.


Those mentioned health experts inspected PharmaServ’s cold-chain facility in Marikina City and observed how the national government partner stores and packs vaccines that will be delivered to various parts of the country.

After inspecting the area, the health experts were impressed with PharmaServ Express’ cold-chain facility, calling it “excellent”.

They also shared Israel’s best practices when it comes to cold chain and logistics systems, especially when it comes to Pfizer and Moderna vaccines.

The country is expected to obtain millions of doses of Pfizer and Moderna vaccines in the coming days, according to National Task Force against COVID-19 Chief Implementer and Vaccine Czar Secretary Carlito G. Galvez, Jr.

PharmaServ Express serves as the DOH’s third-party cold-chain and logistics partner for its anti-COVID-19 vaccination campaign.

During a meeting with Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF) on Tuesday, they advised their local counterparts to create centralized hubs for vaccine storage that will cater to metropolitan areas and other key cities nationwide.

They also proposed the creation of storage hubs for anti-COVID vaccines that will be deployed in remote areas throughout the country.

Galvez earlier described PharmaServ’s cold-chain facility as “world-class”, saying it could accommodate different COVID-19 vaccines that require various storage temperatures and distribute to various parts of the country.