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LP will support opposition bet

Before we talk about who will run for candidacy, I think it is more important to discuss if Filipinos have registered for voting yet.



The Liberal Party (LP) is willing to back the opposition candidate who will go against the administration’s bet if Vice President Leni Robredo decided against joining the presidential race in 2022 National Elections, Senator Francis Pangilinan said on Sunday.

While their plans are still to be ironed out, Pangilinan said his party shares the belief that the opposition should unite and introduce a single slate for next year’s polls.

“We are ready to talk to candidates who are not members of LP if Vice President Leni decided not to run (for President). We are willing to settle our differences and unite to provide an alternative to the current administration’s choices,” the senator said in a radio interview.

“This has been affirmed by the VP. She said we have to have one candidate because if we will have three to four, then there will be a huge chance that the administration will still win. It should be one and it doesn’t have to be her,” he said.

“The challenge is who? From what coalition? It is the reason why we also support the efforts of 1Sambayan to unite those who want to provide an alternative for the people,” he added.

Hopes that Robredo will consider running for the country’s highest post remain strong in LP as Pangilinan said she is still being considered as the top choice for the party’s standard-bearer.

His statement is in tune with the remark of former LP President Senate Minority Leader Franklin Drilon who earlier said Robredo is still the “strongest” candidate to challenge the administration’s bet and “unite all the non-Duterte candidates.”

The Vice President is yet to announce her plans after the expiry of her term but previously said she is open to all options.

In May, she emerged as the top pick among the preferred candidates in the 2022 presidential race in an online pre-election survey conducted by, a still obscure survey group.

“We still want her as our standard-bearer but she said that as of now, her concern is for us to have unity,” he added.


Urge Filipinos to register

During the same interview, Pangilinan stressed that encouraging the public to register their votes should be the priority instead of discussing who will be the possible candidates.

Based on the data from the Commission on Elections, he said 13 million eligible Filipinos have yet to register with less than a year before the 2022 National Elections.

The senator also underscored the importance of every vote, saying that Filipinos should remove the notion that their single decision is not important in dictating the county’s future.

“Before we talk about who will run for candidacy, I think it is more important to discuss if Filipinos have registered for voting yet,” he said.

“Some people are saying that their one vote will not make a difference but the problem with this outlook is there are a lot of them, 13 million to be exact. That is why we need to register,” he added.