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LGU warned follow strictly health protocol



Local government units were warned yesterday by the Department of Justice (DoJ) to strictly implement social distancing and other health and safety protocols at various vaccination sites.

Justice Secretary Menardo Guevarra said city government officials, barangay officials or those in charge of the vaccination activity may be held administratively liable if it would be found that they have been remiss with their obligation to strictly enforce health and safety protocols.

Guevarra made the statement when asked whether the Inter-Agency Task Force would look into the reported complaints about the way the Manila City government is handling its vaccination program.

Reports of violation of basic health protocols, particularly social distancing, in various vaccination sites in Manila due to huge numbers of people lining up as early as 3 a.m. were noted.

The problem is being blamed on the “first come, first served” policy being implemented by the Manila city government for its Covid-19 vaccination program.

Despite its limited vaccines, Manila has also allowed walk-in Covid-19 vaccinations for those under the A4 category (essential workers), including those who do not reside in the city.

“The national task force has given the LGU a free hand on the manner of conducting their vaccination programs, but they are at least expected to observe the minimum health protocols in the vaccination sites to prevent any unwarranted transmission of the Covid-19 virus,” Guevarra said
The Justice chief said people should call the attention of their respective mayors or other LGU officials about their misgivings with regard to the conduct of the vaccination program so that appropriate action may be taken.

“Whoever are directly in charge of the activity may be held liable. Usually, it’s the city or barangay officials. But their attention should be called first so that they could take corrective or preventive action. Sometimes, the situation simply gets out of control,” he added.