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Jordan dishes perfect assist



JORDAN Clarkson helps restore this Filipino food truck that had been the subject of racial hate. / PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF JORDAN CLARKSON/TWITTER

Jordan Clarkson displayed a selfless and compassionate heart after helping a Filipino food truck that had been a subject of Asian hate in Salt Lake City.

Clarkson, the Filipino-American swingman for the Utah Jazz, condemned the act on social media and coordinated with a group of artists to restore the damaged truck that was spray-painted with racial slurs and hurtful imagery.

“It hurt me deeply to see that Salt Lake’s YumYumAsian food truck was recently vandalized — I know the pain that hateful language and racism causes,” Clarkson said in a social media post on Thursday.

“I stand in solidarity with Utah’s Filipino community — love is more powerful than hate!”

The Filipinos occupy a special place in the heart of the 29-year-old National Basketball Association (NBA) star.

In fact, before becoming the NBA Sixth Man of the Year, Clarkson competed for Gilas Pilipinas in the 18th Asian Games in Jakarta in 2018 and openly expressed his interest to see action when the Philippines hosts the FIBA World Cup in 2023.

That’s why as a nod to his kind gesture, reports have it that NBA great Karl Malone donned his jersey No. 00 when he attended Game 1 of the Western Conference semifinal series between the Utah Jazz and the Los Angeles Clippers last Wednesday.

Malone, the face of the Utah franchise around two decades ago, is married to Kay Kinsey, whose late mother, Celestina, is from Muñoz, Nueva Ecija.

The food truck owners, however, couldn’t help but be thankful to the perfect assist dished out by Clarkson.

“Thank you, Jordan Clarkson for not only wrapping our food truck, but also for having it detailed and for your continued support and encouragement,” YumYumAsian food truck said in a social media post.