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Heart month (2)



It is God’s eternal plan to wed, that is unite, humanity with His Divinity. When God created man, He said that man should be in His image: “He created man in His image. Man and woman, He created them.”

The unity of man and woman (this unity and wedding must transcend the material and sexual sphere. After all, God and His plans are outside of and more sublime than the earthly and human).

The love behind this union which bears forth life reflects the unity of the three persons of the one God. That’s why the family (father, mother and children) is considered the perfect unity in time, destined to be with the perfect unity in eternity, namely, the Trinity.

Sister Lucia, one of the three children who saw Our Lady of Fatima and who lived a long period said that the Most Blessed Mother told them that the final assault of Satan against God and humanity is the destruction of the family.

June, the HEART MONTH, is focused on the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

The heart (core of being) of the Son of God who became man and the heart of His Most Holy Mother were united to the heart of God.

Our hearts too, called to consecration (becoming sacred with) the two hearts are destined to be in union with the core of God’s being.

This is the divine plan from the very start. We have to ponder on this great and important mystery most specially in this HEART MONTH.

It will most surely help us find true understanding on why we were created and where we are headed for.

Failure to reach that eternal destiny will be a great tragedy. Knowing and achieving it will bring immense joy.