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Davao City surpasses QC in highest average daily Covid-19 cases



OCTA Research on Tuesday announced that Davao City has officially surpassed Quezon City in terms of the highest average number of daily coronavirus disease (Covid-19) cases in the country.

“Today (08 June), Davao City has surpassed Quezon City in terms of seven-day average. The average of Davao City is 213 cases per day, while the average of Quezon City is 207 per day,” OCTA Research fellow Dr. Guido David said in a television interview.

David attributed the recent spike in Mindanao to insufficient border management as some of the infected travelers and returning overseas Filipino workers possibly managed to get through the borders.

“Even our implementation of border control is good, it can still happen even in other countries, it’s inevitable. It only takes one person to spread the virus to many people,” he added.

Earlier this week, OCTA projected that Davao City will surpass the average daily Covid-19 cases of Quezon City due to the continued spike in cases.

Based on OCTA’s report last 7 June, Quezon City recorded a total of 219 new cases while Davao City recorded 206 cases from 31 May to 6 June.

A significant increase in cases was seen as Davao City cases previously had recorded a total of 134 cases only.

Average daily attack rate which refers to the proportion of people who will become infected from 100,000 population also increased to 11.34 percent.

Aside from Davao City, some cities in Mindanao have also been flagged due to the continued spike of Covid-19 cases such as Cagayan de Oro, General Santos, Koronadal and Cotabato City.

He added that mentioned provinces which are considered as areas of concern not only showed a spike in cases but also exhibited an increase in hospital care utilization rate (HCUR) and ICU (intensive care unit) utilization rate.

Notable increase of cases in Visayas were also seen particularly in Western Visayas provinces such as Bacolod, Iloilo City and Dumaguete.

“In Dumaguete, cases are increasing rapidly, as well as their hospital care utilization rate and positivity rate,” he added.

The announcement came after the Department of Health announced that Covid-19 cases in Mindanao have “outpaced” the infections in the National Capital Region and the rest of Luzon.