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Green space for honoring our beloved



Choose to honor you dearly departed through Golden Haven’s deeply meaningful memorial services. / Photograph courtesy of golden haven

Golden Haven’s chain of lush and beautiful memorial parks has gained prominence in the death care industry, not only as sanctuaries where memories are preserved but also for offering vast, open spaces for families to bond. The sprawling terrain is made serenely beautiful by the verdant greenery, which evokes peace and solitude, not somberness. It inspires families to reminisce on happier times spent with those long gone.

Beyond the stunning visible attributes, a sustainably green and healthy environment is what Golden Haven seeks to advocate. It is, in fact, the first and only memorial park developer in the Philippines that offers 100 percent open spaces in all its memorial parks. Families are encouraged to enjoy these at all times and on any occasion such as their departed loved ones’ birth and death anniversaries. They may come even in the evenings — Golden Haven has installed solar street lights to provide safety and security to all its park visitors.

While Golden Haven’s beautifully themed parks were built with visiting families in mind, it also fulfills the promise of meaningful repose in its wide array of memorial products — from memorial lot to garden niches to columbarium vaults to its esteemed family estates and mausoleums. Solemnity and sophistication are reflected in its motifs and landmarks. These characteristics are not only seen in Metro Manila, where memorial parks are abundant, but also mirrored in the regions of the Philippines. For instance, consider the famed Christ the Redeemer Statue in Golden Haven Cagayan de Oro; the Nuestra Señora La Virgen del Pilar in Golden Haven Zamboanga; the Imperial Gardens in Golden Haven Cebu; and the Pope John II Statue in Las Piñas, among others.

Red Rosales, COO of Golden Haven, affirms the company’s belief that every Filipino longs to leave a lasting legacy in his hometown, wherever this may be in the archipelago. Thus, the biggest and most prestigious memorial park developer in the Philippines offers more than 30 projects nationwide, all boasting world-class parks and premier deathcare services.

Rosales likewise acknowledges that the passing of a loved one is a difficult time for every family. “That is why Golden Haven is dedicated to providing beautiful and serene resting places that consistently promote a sense of healing and gracious closure,” he says. “There is renewed joy in a fine day spent in the wide, open spaces of Golden Haven’s parks as families connect, bond, and share memories for generations to come. These are parks that our children and their children will want to come to as part of the family’s cherished traditions.”