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Eleazar lauds cops for bayanihan spirit

The police do not just enforce the law and keep the peace in the community. We are also ready to help in any way we can



Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Gen. Guillermo Eleazar yesterday lauded the country’s police officers for their good deeds beyond their duty and spirit of bayanihan throughout the country.
“I commend these acts of kindness by our police personnel to help our kababayan,” Eleazar said in a statement.

The PNP chief praised police frontliners after a policewoman joined the list of cops who worked beyond their duty and mandate to help less fortunate individuals, particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“The police do not just enforce the law and keep the peace in the community. We are also ready to help in any way we can,” Eleazar said. “These personnel have manifested the police’s genuine service to the public.”

In Barangay Old Capital Site, Quezon City, Lt. Jean Aguada of the Anonas police’s Station Community Affairs and Development Section (SCADS) voluntarily breastfed a five-month-old baby girl left by her parents who needed to go to work.

Aguada, together with Corporals Abigail Alon, Mary Florence Flores and Diana Pearl Taytay, also bathed the baby and gave her some clothes.

In Ormoc City, Pat. Robin Ricarte provided a mask to a violator who was caught not wearing a mask while riding his motorcycle.

The PNP leadership has instructed personnel on the ground to give masks to those who do not wear any while in public areas.

“This is what we have ordered before. Masks should be given to people without masks or face shields while outside their homes. It is also a demonstration of maximum tolerance and broad understanding on the part of our police,” Eleazar explained.

Aside from the mandate of ensuring peace and order in the community, the PNP chief encouraged police officers to help members of the community in their own little way.

“Let’s be heroic during this pandemic. Even if it is outside our mandate, let us help even in a small way. Sometimes the little help we give is a big thing for the person we help,” he added.

Meanwhile, Eleazar stressed the rights of all quarantine violators will be protected and maintained at all costs amid the stricter implementation of the Covid-19 health protocols in the country
“I would like to assure the CHR (Commission on Human Rights) that our personnel are aware of their accountability and responsibility to always abide by police operating procedures and uphold human rights in their operations,” he said.

He reiterated the Department of Justice and the Department of the Interior and Local Government have set guidelines for the arrest of quarantine violators.

“We already have a law or ordinance on which the arrests we make are based. We have only intensified its implementation now because there is still a lot of criticism from our countrymen. The threat of Covid-19 is still here, but here they are partying, drinking, gambling and hosting other mass gatherings,” he explained.