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OhMyV33NUS carries Blacklist International past Bren Esports, secures top 4 spot in MPL Season 7



Blacklist International captain OhMyV33NUS carried his team to the top 4 spot in MPL Season 7 following a 3-2 win over defending MPL and M2 World Champion Bren Esports this Thursday evening.
Blacklist was red hot at the start of the series as they dominated Game 1 in under 13 minutes then did it again the following game in 19 minutes.
Bren came to their senses in Game 3, showing their championship form with KarlTzy’s trademark hero Lancelot. Bren trashed Blacklist in Game 4, winning the stanza in just 11 minutes then chose Lunox, Barats, Lancelot, Pharsa, and Khufra for the final stanza.
OhMyV33NUS, Wise, OHEB, ESON, and Edward of Blacklist, meanwhile, opted to go with Popol and Kupa, Harith, Rafaela, Paquito, and Yi Sun-Shin.
Blacklist took the early lead by killing two Bren heroes Lancelot and Pharsa. Bren bit back two minutes later by getting a couple of kills of their own. Blacklist was ahead on kills 5-2, turrets destroyed 3-1, and gold difference by 3,000 come to the 8:30 mark.
OhMyV33NUS’ Popol and Kupa proved vital in team fights, dealing damage and initiating when needed. Blacklist wiped out the entire Bren squad at the 17:00 mark then went straight to Bren base to win the series
OhMyV33NUS ended the series with a 7-1-5 KDA. They are set to face Aura PH in the upper bracket finals on Saturday, May 29.