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Pokemon Trading Card shortage blamed for collectors’ hoarding, erratic behavior



A sign warning customers that Pokemon trading cards will no longer be sold until further notice is displayed at a local Target store in Los Angeles, California on May 14, 2021. - US retail giant Target announced Friday it was suspending sales of Pokemon and other trading cards amid concerns that a buying frenzy is threatening the safety of shoppers and staff. (Photo by Chris DELMAS / AFP)

Following the shortage of Pokemon cards due to increased popularity and high demand in the United States, collectors have resorted to hoarding them and to be resold in exorbitant prices.

One such example is in the state of Pennsylvania where scalpers stormed a Walmart store to get a newly stocked Pokemon cards.


In the video captured by Instagram user @tcg_grassi and shared by @bigbcards30 on Twitter, at least a dozen customers can be seen waiting outside the store before its opening time.


As the store finally opens its doors, the crowd begins to run and literally shoving each other out of the way at the trading card section.

According to the video uploader, the mad rush shows is nothing like he’d seen in the other stores he had been to.

“I’ve been in lines at other stores with them and they’ve all been respectful in the past. Kinda crazy,” @tcg_grassi said.

A separate incident last 7 May in Wisconsin was reported where one of the customers drew a gun during a fight over trading cards at a Target parking lot in the locality of Brookfield.

This show erratic and violent behavior of collectors in hoarding Pokemon cards, forced the Target Corporation to stop selling the trading cards until further notice. — Khryzztine Joy Baylon, intern