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Pancake sandwiches, anyone?



Pancakes are great breakfast food. Those fluffy, round cakes go very well with maple syrup and butter, orange marmalade, honey, peanut butter, hazelnut spread with banana slices, strawberries and cream, chocolate, whipped cream and chopped walnuts, blueberries and cream. There are endless possibilities!

You make a stack of two to three pancakes on a plate, spread butter on top and pour honey over it, slice, and eat away. But must you always enjoy pancakes this way? Can’t you spread whipped cream on one piece and blueberry filling on another, put them together, pick them up with your hands and eat them like a sandwich?

Bite-sized pancake sandwiches.

Oh, yes, you can, says chef Adoree Chong-Uy. And so she created Brown Butter’s pancake sandwiches, which come in seven flavors — Maple and Butter, Whipped Butter, Double Chocolate, Cookies N’ Cream, Nutella, Blueberries and Cream and Berry Strawberry.

“The pancake batter is made from scratch. We use fresh eggs and real butter. Compared to the usual breakfast pancakes, Brown Butter pancakes are denser yet moist. It was developed as such because it is filled and is meant to be eaten like a sandwich,” explains Adoree, who owns Brown Butter with the husband-and-wife team of Aldwin and Cindy Ku.

Brown Butter’s delightful Babkas.

She develops products for the company as well.

Brown Butter was actually conceptualized by two dads. With their sons being classmates in school, they always talked about what they would buy for their kids’ baon. They both wanted to find a unique, ready-to-eat snack that is, at the same time, a healthier alternative to the usual snacks available in supermarkets that are laden with preservatives.

Brown Butter and Belgian Liege waffles.

On one of their trips together, they stumbled upon a popular snack in Japan called dorayaki. It is a type of Japanese confection that has two small pancakes made from castella with a sweet azuki bean paste filling between them, and both adults and kids like them. Even Doraemon, the cartoon character, loves dorayaki. Both dads felt that this snack concept would work in the Philippines, so they talked to a Japanese machine manufacturer and ended up importing an automated pancake machine. With the machine on hand, they then asked Adoree to formulate a good pancake batter for them and also develop other recipes to cater to the Filipino palate. Adoree eventually became a partner, and Brown Butter was born.

Nutella Pancake Sandwich.

The company was named after brown butter, also known as hazelnut butter, which is achieved by cooking melted butter a little more to get that nutty brown color and flavor out of it. Brown butter adds a deeper flavor to a dish.

“It makes everything tastier!” says Adoree.

Chef Adoree Chong-Uy develops recipes for Brown Butter.

Brown Butter initially sold its products the traditional way—through stores located in several SM malls and schools in the metro — but necessary changes took place in the company recently.

Besides management changes, Adoree and the Cu couple decided to focus on online selling and supply their products to only select specialty grocery stores, such as Holand Grocery and Octoboy Japanese Grocery.

Aldwin and Cindy Cu are chef Adoree’s business partners.

With the pancake sandwiches selling well, small bite-sized versions, just a little bigger than a P20 coin, are now also being produced. Kids really enjoy these because they just pop the mini pancake sandwiches in their mouth as they go.

Following the success of Brown Butter’s pancake sandwiches, Adoree took to the kitchen again, this time with one of her business partners, Cindy Ku, and together they came up with another winner — Belgian Liege waffles — inspired by Manneken Japan. The crunchy waffles come in Classic Vanilla, Belgian Choco Chip and Brown Sugar Milktea flavors.

Signature pancake sandwiches.

Then it was the babka, a sweet, braided bread originally from the Jewish communities in Poland and Ukraine. Babka is gaining popularity in the Philippines, with several bakery-patisseries offering it now. Brown Butter’s surely competes, with its choices of Choco Chip Nutella Babka, Green Tea Babka and Cinnamon Babka. Besides being braided beautifully, its babkas are delightfully delicious — soft moist bread, swirls of color and flavor that add depth to the bread and lightly crusty exteriors in every slice.

Pancake sandwiches, Belgian Liege waffles and babkas are the three major products that Brown Butter Philippines is concentrating on. As more healthy and innovative snack items are being developed, the daily production of these goodies is keeping the commissary busy.

Orders may be made by messaging their Instagram ( and Facebook (@brownbutterphils) accounts.