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At the recently concluded Art Fair Philippines, the District Gallery emerged as one of the prominent exhibitors as it showcased four artists of different persuasions and an eclectic exhibit of their artworks.

Founded by the Artist Playground, the gallery, headquartered on Mother Ignacia Street in Quezon City, says it “aims to inspire, engage, excite and connect people through contemporary art” and “is committed to providing a collaborative space and environment for emerging and established artists.”

The gallery put forth the latest works of Nasser Lubay, Mark Copino, Chico Quizon and 0270501.

Nasser Lubay
The Phantasm of Luli I, II and III (all acrylic on canvas, 48 by 36 inches) epitomized Lubay’s penchant for colors and storytelling. The gallery describes him as “a master storyteller” who narrates “using all the colors of the world.” His works are said to “shift from mystical to meditative, switch from mesmerizing to meaningful, and transpose from mentally stimulating to magical.”

Still young at 39, Lubay has already earned accolades including winning the 2009 Celeste International Art Prize. He has also participated at the Second Animamix Biennial at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Taipei, Taiwan, and the 2010 Ondarte International Artist Residency in Akumal, Mexico. His first solo exhibit, Nursery of Curiosities, “deepened his research into the theme of cosmic germination and enriched his positive inventiveness with hints of fear and horror.”

‘Out of Body’ by Mark Copino (acrylic and gold lacquer on canvas, 48 by 36 inches).

Street artist
Copino’s works are said to be “inspired by the modern age of innocence and the profundities of domesticated existence” and “simple, symbolical and straight-forward” as seen in the works he presented at Art Fair Philippines — Out of Body, Ebb and Flow, and Over Trenches (an acrylic and gold lacquer on canvas, 48 by 36 inches).

A contemporary stencil artist living and working in Cebu, Copino started out as a street artist, founding Cebu street art groups Ubec Crew, the Junks Collective and ASYLUM 38. He mounted a solo exhibit in 2006 and was followed by more.

District Gallery describes his works as “minimalist compositions,” establishing “a mysterious yet straightforward dialogue with anyone who dissects his art. His current experimentations and explorations with stencil art as a technique, juxtaposed with his fascination with innocence lost and domesticated life, has paved way to the evolution of his art that is seen today.”

Chico Quizon
The Air Hose went CHUSH as it disconnected; Poof Went the Last Chance for Love, Hypoxic and Hypothermic (mixed media on canvas, 48 by 36 inches); and Umph, As Eyes Rolled Back With Over an Hour of Analysis Points (all mixed media on canvas, 48 by 36 inches) showed how Chico Quizon “delves mostly on informational graphics” and how his “art has evolved with the use of digital tools to compose, create, process and expand his initial stroke and sketches that result in something that is uniquely his own.”

‘The Air Hose went CHUSH as it disconnected’ by Chico Quizon (mixed media on canvas, 48 by 36 inches).

Born in the Philippines, Quizon grew up in the United States, where his family immigrated. He graduated from Hunter College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Studio Art, where he was introduced to Marcel Duchamp’s Readymades, which had a lasting influence on his works. He has worked as graphic designer, night audit manager, independent film director, web coder and designer, and also as an emergency medical technician.

Quizon engages “his viewers with the familiarity of visual elements rooted in utilitarian graphics while challenging them by contextualizing those graphics as art. The mystery for his audience is not in deciphering the images, but what lies within the intricacies of how his audience is assembling the various elements of the image and how the visual system functions as it is exploding while simultaneously unifying the image. His works ask the audience if they are viewing information or decoration, functionality or art.”

12 works
There were 12 works of the artist named 0270501 showcased at the fair including Red and Blue | Untitled (diptych, acrylic, water, ink, graphite, charcoal, paraffin wax, pastel time, mixed media on canvas, 48 by 36 inches each); 27 Days of Morning Meditation (set of 27 works; soot, burnt industrial wood, carbon, charcoal, handmade ink, and acrylic on handmade abaca paper, 5.5 by 6.5 inches each); and Grey | Untitled (diptych; soot, burned industrial wood, carbon, charcoal, handmade ink and acrylic on canvas; 48 by 36 inches each), which are said to be “results of a personal process, often experimental in nature.” His works “are fundamentally inspired by abstraction, deconstruction, and chances of random inspirations. His masterpieces of late take meditation to the fore of experimental abstract expressionism and gutai, both of which are radical responses to these extraordinary times.”