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Avelino reunites with first love

I am just a casual gamer now because I have a lot of work. But whenever I get free time, I play.



PAULO Avelino gives LuponWXC a massive boost. / Photograph courtesy of PAULO AVELINO FB

When Nico “KuyaNic” Nazario first came across Paulo Avelino, he thought the popular celebrity is just riding the hype of Esports.

But he was wrong.

Upon seeing that Avelino is a serious and legitimate gamer, KuyaNic immediately invited him to form a partnership that would boost LuponWXC and uplift the local Esports community.

Avelino said his involvement with LuponWXC would allow it to improve its facilities and equipment, including the quality of its streamers and shoutcasters.

“We are trying our best to up the quality. We invested in equipment, lighting, computers, and building. Gaming is constantly tied up with times and technology and what is new,” Avelino said.

“LuponWXC has a very solid foundation in DOTA and Mobile Legends so we try to broaden that even further and spread it all over the Philippines. I see this industry almost as big and tapping into the showbiz industry. We want to enforce this industry even more.”

An avid fan of FPS (First-Person Shooter) games such CS:GO and Valorant, Avelino traces his love for gaming back to his younger days when he would go to a computer shop to play.

Although he is now busy with his showbiz career, Avelino had never let go of his first love — gaming.

“I grew up renting PC (personal computer) in Baguio, there are many gamers there. I have been working for a long time in the showbiz industry and I thought, why not go back to what I loved to do as a kid?” he said.

“I am just a casual gamer now because I have a lot of work. But whenever I get free time, I play.”

“My role here (at LuponWXC) is to ensure quality, making sure that equipment is good and many other things on the side I fell in love with games at a very early age. It was always a part of my personality, but acting was my calling. I did not expect to be a celebrity.”

Avelino has no plans to become a pro gamer and neither is his partner, KuyaNic.

But with their shared knowledge and expertise from both sides of the industry, the LuponWXC founder is convinced that it is only a matter of time before they make Philippine Esports mainstream.

“We believe that this is the future,” KuyaNic said.

“This is going mainstream, it will inevitably crossover. I saw Pau (Avelino) as a legit gamer so we complement each other.”