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Bren keeps upper bracket hopes alive, Omega sweeps Laus Playbook to take 2nd seed in Group B



Defending MPL champion and M2 World Champion Bren Esports still has a shot of getting an upper bracket spot in the playoffs after they made easy work of Cignal Ultra on day 2 of the final week of MPL Season 7.

Composed of Pheww, Ribo, Lusty, KarlTzy, and FlapTzy, Bren scored a sweep against an overmatched Cignal Ultra on Saturday evening. KarlTzy’s Ling did the carrying in Game 2, ending the series with a 13-0-8 KDA.


Bren now sits at the top 2 of Group A with a 7-5 standing and 21 aggregate points. Work shares the same standing and aggregate points, whether they make it to the upper bracket or not would boil down on their respective matches on the final day of the regular season tomorrow.

Omega Esports, meanwhile, took the second seed in Group B following a sweep over Laus Playbook Esports. They have 20 points on aggregate and could make or break into the upper bracket depending on how they perform tomorrow and the match result of Execration.