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Wise shines as Blacklist trips Nexplay



Danerie James “Wise” Del Rosario showcased another hero in his arsenal following Blacklist International’s 2-1 win over Nexplay Esports Saturday evening in the final week of MPL Season 7 regular season.

Nexplay started the match guns blazing as they overwhelmed Blacklist in the opening stanza. Once farmed, Blacklist was able to turn the tide and break all Nexplay turrets and base to snatch Game 1.

Nexplay bounced back in Game 2 as Blacklist’s Diggie feed strategy worked to the advantage of their double assassin lineup.

OhMyV33nus, ESON, OHEB, Edward, and Wise then picked Harith, Ling, Popol and Kupa, Thamuz, and Diggie for Game 3. Nexplay, on the other hand, chose a no marksman double assassin lineup with Benedetta, Chou, Lancelot, Khufra, and Selena.

Wise’s Ling roamed the map, killing whoever gets caught with his Tempest of Blades. Blacklist took lord at the 11th minute then broke all turrets on top leaving just the third turret on the middle and bottom lane.

Harith scored what could be the most important kill of the series when he slaughtered Lancelot and Selena with his Synchro Fission and Zaman Force at the 18th minute mark. The vital kills paved way for Blacklist to destroy the remaining Nexplay turret on the map.

Nexplay took lord but that did not matter since they lost three heroes in a clash which paved way for Blacklist to destroy the base in 21 minutes. Wise scored the most kills, ending the series with a 9-3-10 KDA.