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MPL PH: Execration executes Laus Playbook, Kairi shines with Selena against Aura PH



Execration eliminates Laus Playbook from MPL Season 7

Execration handed Laus Playbook Esports its death sentence following a dominant sweep on the final week of MPL Season 7, Friday evening.

Execration’s Kielvj, Ch4knu, Renzio, E2MAX, and Kelra took Game 1 with ease in just under 15 minutes, and then opted to play Ling, Lunox, Paquito, Roger, and Kagura in Game 2. Laus, meanwhile, fought back with Barats, Chou, Harith, Claude, and Grock.

Claude, Lunox, and Ling had set the map on fire with ganks and coordinated team fights, combining for a total of 17 kills with assists from Grock to cop the match in twelve minutes with relative ease.

The win guaranteed Execration a spot in the playoffs, extending their record to 5-7 with 18 aggregate points. The victory also means the end for Laus, as the defeat excluded them from getting into the next stage of the tournament with a 3-8 standing and 8 aggregate points.

Onic PH and Aura PH meanwhile, figured in an epic three-game series in the second match of day 1 week 7.

It was a close contest in Game 1, but Aura emerged victorious with a kill score of 18-16. Iy4knu, Jay, Kairi, Dlar, and Hate got even the following game, and then drafted a double assassin lineup with Barats, Selena, Hayabusa, Akai, and Pharsa for Game 3.

Aura’s Bennyqt, Killuash, LORD HADESS, Jaypee, and Greed opted to go for a no tank, no marksman lineup with Jawhead, Lancelot, Lunox, Lapu-Lapu, and Kagura.

Kairi’s Selena was a problem early for Aura after he scored 5 kills and 1 assist just 5 minutes into the deciding game.

The turning point came at the 12:00 mark when Aura overextended on the bottom lane and then paid the price by losing 4 heroes. Onic capitalized by breaking three turrets then took lord to make a push that left Aura just the final turret on the middle and bottom lane.

A rampaging Selena reached legendary before Onic went for a GG push at the 19:00 mark. Kairi’s on-point Abyssal Arrow was key in getting the win as he ended the match with a 10-0-8 KDA.

Onic’s impressive win however did little harm to Aura since the latter already has a guaranteed spot in the upper bracket in the upcoming playoffs.