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Valorant seeks to eliminate smurfs



Riot Games is currently hard at work trying to figure out how to get rid of smurfs once and for all.

A smurf is when a high-ranking player creates a new account to play in the lower ranks against players with a lower skill set.

Although the problem indeed exists in the popular 5v5 team-based shooter, smurfing is actually a problem across many video games as it ruins user experience due to mismatches.

“Smurfs and Smurfettes, while relatively small in number, are absolutely real and are frustrating to play against. We’ve been collecting and incorporating feedback from all our channels, and have since spun up an investigation into the current state of smurfing in Valorant,” Riot Games said.

The Valorant competitive team concedes that eliminating smurfs is a tough act to pull off but guarantees that their team is laser-focused on getting the job done.

And while a clear-cut solution cannot be made available at the moment, Riot Games vows the team is keen on looking for ways to boot them without compromising the systems they have in place.

“Combating smurfing is not only about punishment, it’s also about making Valorant more accessible so those without bad intentions no longer feel the need to smurf,” the dev stated.

“Once we are at a point where we feel comfortable with the solution we have in place and feel like we have mitigated these reasons, that’s when we will be able to put a foot down on the remaining folks — potentially booting them from our game.”

Aside from smurfs, Valorant also responded to inquiries and demands of finally putting up an in-game replay. Though the team did not disclose much information, software engineer Brandon Wang revealed that the team is now in talks internally about adding the feature.

“Talks are ongoing with multiple internal teams interested in a Valorant replay system,” he said.