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Man among boys

What I have that other players don’t is that during my rookie season is I am already confident to the point that I can talk trash.



DUANE ‘Kelra’ Pillas is showing confidence and bravado early in his professional career. / PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF EXECRATION

If you are new to the Mobile Legends Professional League (MPL) scene and have chanced upon Duane “Kelra” Pillas, you might actually think that the Execration gold laner is a grizzled veteran in professional esports.

His skill set is elite level, confidence and bravado are entertaining, and he talks trash to his opponents whenever he sees fit.

While it is apparent that Kelra has the makings of a star, it is also worth noting that he is merely an MPL rookie.

“I draw my confidence from my family and girlfriend. I’ve wanted to become a pro player for a long time which is why I tried Mobile Legends,” Kelra said.

“I told myself if that I don’t make it, I would just focus on my studies because this is not for me. I feel overjoyed (when I turned pro) because almost every Mobile Legends player dreams of entering MPL. This was my dream so I practiced getting to this point.”

“What I have that other players don’t is that during my rookie season is I am already confident to the point that I can talk trash.”

But Kelra wasn’t an overnight sensation.

In fact, he already had a target on his back even before he made it to the professional scene as he previously came across Nexplay’s Renejay “RENEJAY” Barcarse in one of his ranked games where the two ended up taunting each other.

Now that he is here, one of Kelra’s goals is to prove that he is the more superior player over the Nexplay star.

“My rival this season is RENEJAY,” said the 15-year-old rising star.

“Like I said before, I just used teleport then he talked trash to me. He was already part of the MPL during that time so I told him that I will get even when I enter MPL.”

“I’m focused on RENEJAY because we have the same personality. When he got to MPL, he also talked a lot of trash so we are not different from each other. I am exactly like that so now he found his match.”

Kelra momentarily earned his bragging rights over RENEJAY after Execration defeated Nexplay in their first meeting in the regular season.

They had another meeting last Friday, but it was Nexplay that emerged victorious in a three-game series.

But if there is something that Kelra learned in his quest to become a pro player, it is to keep moving forward regardless of the hurdles he faced along the way.

“What I learned from the MPL qualifiers is not to give up because we are not always on top,” he said.

“There will come a point that you will fall. It is like a nightmare but I still have to practice so I can improve further and make it to MPL.”