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Lifeline, Octane get massive updates



LIFELINE will no longer receive an additional five percent in damage taken. / PHOTOGRAPH COURTES OF APEX LEGENDS

A newly added legend in Valkyrie and massive updates for Lifeline and Octane in Apex Legends Season 9 are shaking things up in the current meta of the popular team-based battle royale.

Since the update last Wednesday, Respawn Entertainment has officially removed Low Profile for all legends, which means that characters with a small hitbox such as Lifeline, Wraith, and Wattson will no longer receive an additional five percent in damage taken.

But the vital update for Lifeline, the game’s resident support and healer, was removable of the impenetrable shield for Combat Revive.

The devs made up for the nerf by letting her up two teammates at a time, allow them to defend with a knockdown shield and cancel revive.

“Lifeline’s kit was not in a particularly healthy place. The Passive shield was extremely strong to the point of frustration, while her Tactical and Ultimate seemed like they were becoming more and more obsolete,” devs wrote on the patch notes.

“These changes are aimed to redistribute this big power differential between all of her abilities, making D.O.C. and Care Package more powerful and effective, while tamping down on the highly binary and situational Combat Revive.”

Lifeline’s D.O.C. Heal Drone skill got a much-demanded boost as its healing was increased from 5hp per second to 8hp per second while her Care Package’s cooldown was reduced from six minutes to five minutes and now guarantees an upgrade on body shield or other equipment.

Octane, which made the meta last season, received a cooldown adjustment on Stim from four seconds to one second at the expense of a health cost increase from 12hp to 20hp.