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Nexplay downs Onic; Aura climbs to upper bracket spot in playoffs



Nexplay Esports scored yet another impressive come-from-behind, 2-1, win over Onic PH on Sunday in MPL Season 7.

With just one turret left on the map, Onic turned the tide with a tanky Esmeralda to snatch Game 1.

Nexplay, however, won the next round then picked its comfort heroes Lunox, Benedetta, Chou, Khufra, and Roger in Game 3 while Onic fielded Paquito, Granger, Akai, Chang’e, and Harith.

RENEJAY, Jeymz, H2wo, Exort, and Yawi took the early lead on kills 5-1 and gold by 2,000 just 4 minutes into the game.

Nexplay then took over two minutes later, spreading their heroes across the map to pop turrets and initiate ganks that saw them extend their lead on kills 11-1 and turrets destroyed 3-0.

Nexplay destroyed all turrets at the 12:00 mark but was unable to close the series. They tried again at the 15th minute with the lord and were able to do so with 21 combined kills between Lunox, Roger, and Benedetta.

Aura PH, which earlier in the day swept Laus Playbook Esports, has secured an upper bracket slot to the playoffs thanks to Nexplay’s win over Onic.

Execration, meanwhile, snapped its five-game losing streak following a 2-1 win over Cignal Ultra.