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Taiwan’s success serves as model

People in Taiwan still enjoy normal life. Workers come to their factories and students go to school




Owing to its excellent and timely Covid-19 prevention, Taiwan’s economy grew 3.1 percent in 2020, garnering the third spot on the list of the most economically productive countries in the world last year, a representative of the country to the Philippines said on Tuesday.

In an exclusive with Daily Tribune’s “Straight Talk”, Taipei Economic and Cultural Office Ambassador to the Philippines Peiyung Hsu attributed the nation’s resiliency to the unfettered economic activities as it prevented lockdowns as a response to the health emergency.

“People in Taiwan still enjoy normal life. Workers come to their factories and students go to school. And everyone work not from home, but in the office.”

As Taiwan is also a manufacturer of computers and semiconductors, he also attributed it to the demand for electronic devices that boomed during the work-from-home settings.
“And, in the first quarter of this year, our economic growth reached 8.16 percent,” he added. “Thanks to government guidance and people’s hard work.”

The positive economic outlook also benefits 153,000 Filipino workers in Taiwan, he said. He added that the Taiwan Economic and Cultural Office issues at some 50 immigration workers’ visa every day.

Covid-19 success

Hinting at Taiwan’s model, Hsu said that multi-stakeholder cooperation among the government, medical professionals, private sectors and society is key to containing the spread of COVID-19.

“Taiwan has prepared for pandemics for almost 17 years, owing to the country’s experience in 2003, when it was badly hit by the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) epidemic,” he said. “After SARS, we established our central epidemic command