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NFT at Art Fair 2021

“NFT are digital tokens or assets that are unique or irreplaceable.



Non-Fungible Tokens or NFT has been rising over the past few years and it is interesting to note that a lot of discussion on crypto-art will be tackled at Art Fair Philippines 2021.

I just signed up for the 7 May webinar on on the topic: The Artist Journey: A Chat with Three Artists and Their Journey into Making NFT. The resource persons will be Xlvrbk, squirterer, and Shelly Soneja. Their profiles are here:

Xlvrbk @xlvrbk
Xlvrbk is an experimental digital artist based in Cebu who is exploring the edges of digital art, from VR (virtual reality), 3D, video art, and sound design. Xlvrbk is presently experimenting with the distribution of digital art assets using blockchain technology through NFT.

Squirterer @hidetheblade
A fine artist from Mindanao, Vyankka started getting interested in cryptocurrencies and blockchain in 2018, which led her to discover NFT in March 2020. She is widely known as “squirterer” in the cryptoart space. Her works range from traditional and digital paintings, GIF art and photography. She explores themes about self-exploration, identity, and human experiences and fantasies.

Shelly Soneja @shellysoneja
Shelly Soneja is an art director for mobile and blockchain games. While she has been an artist for blockchain games since 2018, she only started minting her own digital art as NFT in September 2020 while under lockdown.

Now on a number of NFT art platforms, she has her work exhibited in several art galleries in the metaverse. She helps maintain and update the Narra Art Gallery in Decentraland for events and exhibits.

Just a refresher on NFT, here is a simple definition. NFT are digital tokens or assets that are unique or irreplaceable. Example, Twitter founder Jack Dorsey sold his first tweet at the cost of 2.9 million US dollars. If that won’t impress you and become interested in the capitalist side of digital properties, nothing will.

A further explanation on NFT will have to be set aside for another column. Understanding the law of supply and demand is key to knowing the basics of blockchain and hot online commodities. Again, that will be set aside for another week.

Back to the Art Fair 2021. There is another speaker who will discuss blockchain in the art community. It will be on 8 May at 4 p.m.

The topic will be Early Blockchain with Harm van de Dorpel of left gallery. De Dorpel is expected to share some of pre-NFT artwork exhibited by his gallery. These digital pieces explored some early blockchain-related concepts that have expanded the digital “artspace” today.

Here is his profile:

Harm is a Berlin-based artist and co-founder of Left.Gallery. His work is dedicated to discovering emergent aesthetics by composing software and language, borrowing from disparate fields such as genetics and blockchain.