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Disaster doughnut




More than 100 million people in the United States have been vaccinated against Covid-19 so far, but authorities are not satisfied as the figure is just 40 percent of the population.

There is also concern as the nationwide immunization drive has slowed down. From a peak of 3.2 million shots per day in mid-April, the average number of Americans getting vaccinated fell to 2.5 million as of last week. This is being attributed to disinterest more than a shortage of vaccines. To speed up immunization of around 200 million more people, various incentives are being dangled to entice citizens to go to vaccination sites and get a jab.

The side effects of Covid-19 vaccine seem to deter Americans from booking a vaccination appointment. For others, the problem is distance — they are just too far from inoculation sites. Detroit City in Michigan state addressed the accessibility issue by offering $50 to people who drive others to vaccination sites.

In Alaska state, hospital and clinic operator Norton Sound Health Corp. gives away irresistible prizes such as airline tickets, cash to buy an all-terrain vehicle and $500 for groceries or fuel.
Marijuana dispensaries around the country joined the ranks of incentive givers with their cannabis treats or free rolled joints to those who get immunized. Breweries offer “shots and a chaser.”

Chicago City officials plan to set up vaccination sites at festivals and block parties, so attendees can conveniently get their shots. Added come-ons for them are free haircut and manicure at local barber shops and nail salons.

Companies give employees paid time off to get vaccinated. West Virginia State gives away $100 savings bonds to young adults who get their shot.

In Cleveland, a movie theater gives free popcorn. Doughnut lovers can get their favorite treat for free from Krispy Kreme if they show a vaccination certificate to participating outlets.

A Dunkin’ Donuts drive-in store in Vineland, New Jersey, however, earned the ire of one customer last week. Not because the patron did not get his treat but rather, he got more than his expected fill.

Leonard Allen sued the Dunkin’ Donuts manager and the female employee who spilled the hot java on his lap while he was on the wheel in August 2020.

According to the lawsuit revealed just recently, the staff was negligent in properly securing the lid of the cup so its entire contents ended up scalding his thigh and groin area.
Allen is seeking unspecified damages for the pain he suffered and medical expenses he incurred from the mishap.