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‘OhMyV33nus’ draws support



Johnmar ‘OhMyV33nus’ Villaluna gets support from her Blacklist teammates after being bashed on social media. / PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF BLACKLIST INTERNATIOAL

Blacklist International threw its full support behind Johnmar “OhMyV33nus” Villaluna after being the target of discriminatory remarks during their match against Bren Esports in the Mobile Legends Professional League (MPL) Season 7 last week.

In a statement, the team stressed that OhMyV33nus, a member of the LGBTQ community, had broken the barriers by emerging as one of the best gamers in the country.

Blacklist stressed that OhMyV33nus proves that everybody can be good in Esports regardless of race, gender or sexual preference.

“Blacklist International believes that to break the code means breaking barriers beyond gameplay. OhMyV33nus is here to show everyone that Esports knows no gender,” the club said in its social media account.

“No matter which MPL team or Esports organization you support, if you are someone who feels invalidated and discriminated in the world of gaming and esports because you are part of the LGBTQ, we welcome you to our community. Let this be your safe space.”

OhMyV33nus became the subject of hate and discrimination in the live chat section when they suffered their first loss of the season.

The comments turned nasty to the point that casters had to take the cudgels and speak up to stop the unfounded slur and discrimination.

OhMyV33nus handled the derogatory comments quite well though he also wrote a statement citing that gamers should work to build a community without discrimination.

“We have to build a community of gamers where all genders are welcome to help each other get better at a game,” he said.

“At Esports, the skills needed to be better have nothing to do with being a man or woman nor being LGBTQ because we all have the capability of critical thinking which is crucial to gameplay.”